Need to make a conversion for your next metal project? There are a few different resources that you should keep handy.

Converting Inches to Millimeters

First, the basic length conversion chart. Converting inches to millimeters involves multiplying by 25.4. On the reverse, converting millimeters to inches involves multiplying by .03937. See below for full chart and conversion methods.

inches to millimeters conversion chart

Measuring Area of Metal

When fabricating metal, a measurement of area is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind. The basic unit of area is 1 square meter. See below.

 area conversion chart

Measuring Metal Volume

Do you need to know how much your metal application can hold? For tanks, vats, and other applications that require you to hold things in, use the below volume conversion chart.

 volume conversion chart

Alternatively, using the capacity conversion chart below will also give you a good idea about how much your metal product can hold.

capacity conversion chart cubic inches to centiliter


Measuring Force/Stress of Metal

Need to measure the force/stress of your metal product? Use the conversion chart below for a bit of guidance.

 psi to MPa and ksi to MPa conversion chart