Did you know there are currently 11 brands within The Ryerson Family of Companies? Each offers distinct value and expertise that can help get your project done. But what exactly do we mean by “value and expertise”? We thought we’d let them tell you in their own words.

First, we asked what makes their company unique and why that matters now more than ever, given current market conditions.

Some spoke at a high level about the overall approach to helping customers…  

Franco: “It is about the relationship with the customers. Central Steel & Wire has been in business for over 100 years, and we have worked with companies of all sizes, from independent machine shops to large global manufacturers, helping them get the metal they need.

Of course, not all companies will require the same approach. We work with customers to create agreements specific to their needs and that involves matching their market strategy with their supply strategy.”

…others spoke to their products and services…

Notarianni: “Today, many companies do not have the means or resources to dedicate to secondary operations, such as saw cutting, ID machining, centerless grinding, and machining. That is where Fay Industries can really play a powerful role, as our focus is on long products and steel saw-cutting services. Being able to take on those operations for customers really helps save them time and money.”

Holt: “At Southern Tool Steel, we specialize in cutting material to the required size of the customer. That helps the customer, as it means they need to purchase only what is needed for their project. For us, cut-to-size gives us the ability to really maximize our inventory to get material to the customer in a timely manner. And that really matters in this market given material shortages and longer lead times from the mill as of late.”

… or the unique fabrication capabilities …

Gallat: “At Texas Steel Processing (TSP), our inventory and equipment are designed around plate processing.  We maintain a unique position in this market as we can combine the strategic supply chains of Ryerson with diversified manufacturing processes. This puts us in a unique position to serve different types of customers.”

Sulc: “LaserFlex is a full-service fabrication shop specializing in laser material processing technology. Our 87,000 square foot facility in Columbus, Ohio provides a wide range of services, including laser cutting, CNC forming, manual & robotic welding, machining, plating, painting, assembly, or kitting. For our customers, it’s one shop, one purchase order. And that’s critical in these market conditions.”

Parent: “Our customers have product ideas and designs, and Fanello’s fabrication and welding shop can simplify the process of bringing it all to life. We offer multiple material processing options, and our skilled team selects the right tools to create your project to your specifications.


One of the things that truly makes us unique is offering access to processes that may otherwise be unavailable. For example, we have large capacity stamping presses (1,600 tons, 1,500 tons). It’s one of the only in the southeast.”


… and of course, those special finishing touches …


Young: “As we like to say at Guy Metals, we focus on quality from start to finish. That finish speaks to the finish on your stainless product. For example, we offer PFD (pit free dairy), which was developed as an alternative finish to standard 2B and provides consistency from piece to piece. This intense polishing method removes all imperfections to create a true, smooth pit-free surface.

This not only ensures consistency in the finish of your product, but also reduces the need to use harsh chemicals or labor-intensive methods when cleaning your products.

Couple that with processes like cut-to-length, waterjet, and laser, all under one shop, and we help eliminate multiple shipments to multiple vendors. It’s a one-stop shop for stainless. This makes it easier and more cost-efficient for the customer—which is very important in these market conditions.”


Being a member of the Ryerson Family of Companies has its advantages, particularly being a part of an interconnected network. All acknowledged this as an advantage to customers, with each giving a differentiated spin as to why …

Jones: “Given current market conditions, you have situations where some suppliers are not able to source metal to meet customer demand. But being part of The Ryerson Family of Companies means that LaserFlex can tap into a broader network to fulfill requests when others cannot.

In addition, Ryerson has helped us offer creative solutions to our customers in terms of securing material, buying ahead, storing material within Ryerson warehouses, as well as financial options like hedging. In all, it creates more options for our customers”

Scott: As previously mentioned, Central Steel & Wire works with companies to align their market strategy with their supply strategy. Being a part of The Ryerson Family of Companies allows us to further enhance that approach by being able to position inventory closer to specific locations. This is very important for OEMs that have their manufacturing locations spread across the United States.”

Holt “Southern Tool Steel specializes in tool steel, while also offering a selection of other metals. Being part of The Ryerson Family of Companies means that we can provide a broader spectrum of materials with better lead times to our customers, because we are utilizing the inventory and the broad network that Ryerson has to offer.”

Ultimately, each member of the Ryerson Family of Companies has something unique to offer—but what is the one thing they want us to know about their company?

Notarianni: At Fay Industries we are experts in long products, particularly carbon steel, alloy, and stainless bar. What really makes us stand out is our saw-cutting services We can cut up to 32” outside diameter in-house, and we also have cold saw set up for very close tolerances and high-production jobs.”

Holt: “When you need it fast, we can help. We specialize in quick shipment of cut piece material. The STS Quick Ship Fulfillment program allows for fast shipment of metal products to maximize speed and responsiveness. This means that customers get the products they need, when they need them, with fast and flexible order fulfillment.


Sulc: “The one thing I want customers to know about LaserFlex is that size is not an issue, whether we are talking about company or order. Whether it is a one-time, one-piece, simple cut-part order or an order comprised of tens of thousands complex units per year, Laserflex has the resources to provide solutions to help.”

Young: “Quality is number-one in everything we do at Guy Metals. Whether it is polished, protected 2B, cut parts, or (raw material), each pound of material that ships out our doors is inspected for customer quality requirements. From the moment metal enters our facility through the time it arrives at their door, quality is the experience our customers have come to expect with Guy Metals.

Gallat: We are here for you. In the past, TSP was known as a fabricator for the oil & gas market focused on two major products, above ground storage tanks and ASME vessels. However, the traditional fabrication equipment required to serve those industries has been supplemented over the last few years to allow us to offer a diverse range of plate processing solutions. If you have an opportunity to form or weld a product, TSP can provide a solution.


Franco: “Quite simply, it’s about the passionate team that strives to be the best for every customer. The Central Steel & Wire brand remains strong because of the teamwork and effort we bring to the table every day.”


As a customer, what does the Ryerson Family of Companies mean for you?

It means that Ryerson can provide you with a diverse set of products, services, processing capabilities and expertise to help you get your project done on time every time.